Straight-lined trendsetter

„Clear cut“ is currently very much in vogue. The hard foam skirting boards from the Q-family follow this trend. The shape of the board follows current design requirements for plain, high-quality and straight-lined skirting boards. A modern look and uncomplicated workmanship go hand in hand here, because the boards can be fitted to inner and outer corners quickly and easily with the BOLTA mitre cutter. Skirting boards from the Q-group are available in heights of 40, 60 and 80 mm. The surfaces are finished in smooth, grained and brushed versions; the colour palette ranges from wood and metal looks to selected decor colours in 3D. From a purchase quantity of at least 2,000 metres, we also produce decors according to customer specifications. In addition, the general quality features of the Q family are the same as those of our entire rigid foam segment: they are insensitive to moisture, dimensionally stable and easy to process.

Product Overview